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Find available accommodation in Namibia and book on-line easily.  To enable visitors to enjoy Namibia's rich history and beautiful environment to the full, many natural and historical tourist attractions are also listed.

There are many people of German origin in Namibia and German is widely spoken and understood.

The best way to see Namibia is a self-drive safari where you use this site to decide what you want to see, which routes you are going to follow and arrange your own accommodation using the well-known NightsBridge on-line accommodation availability and booking system.

To find accommodation you can select a Region above or you can click on "Accommodation" in the top menu, select the area you want and browse the accommodation options for that area.  

You can also search directly for a town, place or an establishment in the Search Box at the top right.

We have also created some interesting self drive tourist routes that you can follow on your Namibian visit. These include accommodation and tourist attractions along the way if there are any.

Use this site to help plan and book your Namibia self drive visit.

In the News

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Stories of Namibia

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